"Sathi is undoubtedly a truly talented artist. Her level of professionalism mixed with her talent and her enchanting personality is what makes her the successful entrepreneur that she is. I have had my makeup applied by Sathi several times and can truly say that I?ve been more than satisfied each and every time - her work is flawless! Her talent is blatantly obvious as she successfully brings out the beauty in each woman. Sathi not only caters to the varying needs of all her clients but does so with such ease that it is quite astonishing. Her patience and kindness astounds me. Her understanding of each and every client captivates me, while her talent and dedication inspires me. I?m proud to know such a beautiful and talented individual. I will be coming to you for years to come, while recommending you to all my friends and family. I wish you the best for all your future endeavors!" 
An Inspiration To All...

"Sathi is a very talented and creative makeup artist. She has the ability to the make every women feel beautiful on their special day. Sathi shows great strength in the work that she does, which shows the many aspects of her talent. She has numerous colours, designs and techniques that she uses which makes her work unique. I recently got married, and Sathi was my makeup artist. She has brought out my true beauty in the colours and techniques she uses. She visualizes the colours and palettes she uses and then transforms us into beautiful, gorgeous women. My mother also had her makeup done by Sathi for my wedding and she absolutely loved her work. She describes Sathi as a "beautiful and talented women" whose passion is to make every women feel beautiful. My mother is right..Sathi is a woman who is extremely passionate about makeup and would certainly deliver the best to her customers. Her prices are exceptional and her work is magnificent. I am extra pleased with thte makeup that Sathi has done and I will certainly keep her as a makeup artist. I definitely recommend Sathi to all those beautiful women who want to feel gorgeous at any time!"
Blushing Bride...

“Though no testimonial can do justice to her ability, I will say that Sathi is an amazing makeup artist. Sathi is extremely professional and absolutely wonderful to be around! She is able to take her talent and vision to transform you into any look that you would like to see. One of the looks done on me was created through the use of several bold colours and when seeing the results, I was in awe of how Sathi had put together the look so beautifully and had done the application with such precision. What I especially love about working with her is that she understands each client and takes all things into consideration. In working with Sathi I know that for her the result is not simply about the end look but about how her clients feel throughout the process and bringing their individual beauty to the surface. I will definitely continue to work with Sathi and will recommend her to everyone!”

"I have had the privilege of working with Divine Beauty by Sathi in a professional beauty photo shoot. Sathi has demonstrated a diverse and unique understanding of colour that is complementary to every individual. She has developed a niche for eye makeup providing a dominant role as a trend setter for colouration. I have also witnessed many other works of Sathi which range from classy elegant to Halloween horrific. Sathi has proven to be well established within her field and someone I would choose as a trusted artist."

                                                                                                       ~Stephanie Thakurdin
"I have known Sathi for about 4 years now probably even longer than that, and ever since I have known her she has been a very talented individual, from Modelling to now doing Make up. It was such a surprise to see her do Make up. When I first saw the pictures I was so impressed, especially knowing that this is very new to her, she came out with a BANG! She is incredible, focused and determined at what she does. I have seen tons of her designs that she has created on other people as well as herself, where I even wanted to become one of her models. I loved her designs so much that I chose to do my make up for Halloween. I was going as a gypsy and had no idea how to do my own makeup. Seeing her latest colours and techniques, I decided to ask her to do my make up. While doing my make up you can see that she has a lot of fun doing make up and it shows with her expressions how much she loves and enjoys it. Sathi lets herself go free when she does make up because this is something she has so much motivation for and it’s so easy to see that within her. I am pleased that I had my make up done by her and I am going to continue to get my make up done by Sathi. Her prices are reasonable and she deserves to make many women out there feel and show them how beautiful they are."