Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Everyday 'Drug Store' Makeup

Hey Everyone!

Here are a few products that I just adore from my local drug store (Shoppers/Wal-Mart etc.) that are quite inexpensive and work well with most skin tones and types....This is what I use on a regular/daily basis for my day/work makeup. You dont always need very expensive, high-end makeup to look glamourous! :p

This Revlon foundation is just great! It matches my skin tone perfectly and it's not too heavy or thick. It blends well and doesn't leave a 'cakey' or 'made up' look. Its just the right consistency to give coverage while allowing your natural skin to shine through. I find it applies best when used with a foundation brush (synthetic). Apply this foundation on parts of the face and blend rather than all over the face, all at once because it does tend to dry a bit quickly. The bottle does not contain a pump, therefore the product can either be poured on the back of your hand or on a clean palette and then applied with your brush. (Never dip your foundation brush into the bottle as it can contaminate your foundation)

After putting on my foundation I tend to set it with a loose powder rather than a pressed powder. This product by CoverGirl is very nice. It just adds another dimension to your foundation as it does have a bit of shimmer, giving you a sun kissed glow. I apply this product with a large foundation brush as opposed to the brush provided. Its packaging is a bit tricky as it twists and unscrews from the bottom. Transferring the powder from the container to the lid, on to the brush can be a bit messy!. 

I add a touch of blush to the apples of my cheeks to give the face a warmer look. This blush is very easy to apply with a blush brush and blends very well. They come in a matte or slight shimmer shade depending on the look you are going for.

I love this trio eyeshadow! Its great for quick on the go application, as it comes in a neat, compact, little package. The three colours work well for the lid, highlight and crease for more interest and contrast in a day look. I just use one brush for the whole eye as these shadows do not stain your brushes. The colours are on the shimmer side, making blending a bit easier.

I also use a black kohl eyeliner to add more definition to my eyes. I line the top and lower lash line with this very dark eyeliner. Its application is very smooth as its very soft. Its very easy on the eyes as you do not need to go over on the waterline multiple times for its true colour.

This CoverGirl mascara is my favorite drug store mascara! I just love the drama and length it adds to my lashes! :) It gives me great definition and makes my lashes look more full. The large brush helps with a faster application as I have big eyes, not so sure it would work well with those who have smaller eyes, but i still think its a great mascara :)

This lip gloss is a very nice neutral shade (not the pink colour in the bottle, but the swatch colour at the top), its called Iced Mocha. I've used this is many of my looks, but its definitely a great colour for day or night. It goes on creamy, not sticky and has a great smell, almost like berries! he he

*Note that the colours shown in some of the pictures are not the exact shade/colour of the products i personally use. The picture is just there to show the packaging and help you reference the product.*

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thank you so much for all the love and support!!!

Hey Everyone!!

I just wanted to say a quick "hi" and thank you all soooooo very much for all the love and support I have received from you all since I started my journey into makeup just a short time ago...It has been amazing to see all the positive, wonderful feedback and it is so heart warming and appreciated!!! You all make my day when I read your sweet comments! :) Thank you soo much again!!!You guys keep me going and doing what I absolutely love to do!!

Just thought I'd share one of the many comments that made my day today! :)

"Good luck! You give me so much inspiration with your new work. U know, i follow you, ’cause you are the best I saw, even Kandee Johnson isn't so good :) keep it and go on ;)."

Shes soo sweeet!!!

Have a great weekend and enjoy!!

Take care,

Sathi <3

Monday, February 7, 2011


Hey Everyone!!

Classes are available for one on one/private sessions or groups…
(For groups with 4+ people, message me for discounted rate!)

All classes will take place in the convenience of your own home or mine.
(Classes are only available for those within the GTA (Canada) at the moment)

There will be two classes; a beginners/basic makeup class and an advanced makeup class.


Basic Makeup Class Outline: $200

Application of:
  • Foundation/Powder/Blush/Concealer
  • Lipstick/Liner/Gloss
Importance of:
  • Cleanliness/sterilization
  • Natural/Day makeup
Class Details: 2 day class (sat/sun) 4 hours each day.

Advanced Makeup Class Outline: $300

Application of:
  • Foundation/Powder/Blush/Concealer
  • Face Shapes/Eye Shapes/Corrective makeup
  • Highlight/Contour
  • Strip Eyelashes
  • Eyebrows
  • Advanced Eye shadow/Blending Techniques
  • Evening/Bridal makeup
Class Details: 2 day class (sat/sun) 4 hours each day.


Also, if there is something in particular that you would like to learn, just let me know!

I have included a link of materials that you can purchase from me or directly from the site.

Note: you don’t have to necessarily purchase the exact product from the links provided, but you will need brushes!
Eyeshadow and other essentials will be provided within the class :)

For inquiries please feel free to message me or send an email to:

Thank you very much and have a great day! =D