Friday, February 11, 2011

Thank you so much for all the love and support!!!

Hey Everyone!!

I just wanted to say a quick "hi" and thank you all soooooo very much for all the love and support I have received from you all since I started my journey into makeup just a short time ago...It has been amazing to see all the positive, wonderful feedback and it is so heart warming and appreciated!!! You all make my day when I read your sweet comments! :) Thank you soo much again!!!You guys keep me going and doing what I absolutely love to do!!

Just thought I'd share one of the many comments that made my day today! :)

"Good luck! You give me so much inspiration with your new work. U know, i follow you, ’cause you are the best I saw, even Kandee Johnson isn't so good :) keep it and go on ;)."

Shes soo sweeet!!!

Have a great weekend and enjoy!!

Take care,

Sathi <3