Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Depot NYX Jumbo Pencils...

Hey Everyone!!

So I got this great little tip while browsing through Youtube one night and just thought I had to do depot my NYX Jumbo Pencils!

It really makes it much easier to use and there is no sharpening! Depotting also saves the product that you would normally loose when sharpening the pencils.

So here are a few steps to show you how to depot these jumbo pencils!

What you will need:
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil - in any colour you desire
  • Container with cover/lid
  • Scissors/Pliers/Tweezers - something to hold the jumbo pencil
  • Blow dryer
  • Labels - optional

Make sure you have the containers that you'd like to transfer the product to. I used these plastic stackable containers I purchased at Wal-Mart (which also comes with a carrying case for convenience). But you can use individual or glass containers, which ever you prefer.

I also created labels for my containers, just so I can remember the name of the colour so I can buy it again in the future. (sorry for the horrible nails! lol)

 Then you want to take your pencils and remove the end cap to expose the product, you can do this using the scissors or pliers to twist and pull it off. Also remove the clear cover.

Now place the container in a cup or something a little bigger to hold it in place. Hold the pencil with your scissors and hold it over the container while directing the heat of your blow dryer on to the pencil. (the pencil will get too hot for you to hold with your fingers) Also, don't hold the heat too long over your container as the high heat could melt or deform your plastic container.

Place the heat directly on the pencil for about a minute or two, just to warm it up. It will start to melt and fall into the container. Make sure to place the heat on the sides of the pencil as well, this will allow the product to flow right through the pencils shell.

After, you will see that there is no more product in the pencils shell!

If you have more, then go ahead and repeat the process for the rest of your pencils! :)

Here are the rest of mine....

After, let them set and cool down. Then once cooled you can stack them up and place it in your carrying case!

And now your done! :)

Note: Using heat has not changed the consistency or colour of the product, its still creamy and works great!

*Do not attempt this with NYX eye or lip pencils as the consistency of these pencils do not allow for it to removed using this method. *

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